The Village had its beginnings in 1817 when settlers from New England homesteaded by the side of Camel Creek.  Their neighbors included the Wolf and Chippewa Indians.  Henry Thorndyke and James Fowler became the first landowners of the twenty-five square miles of the newly formed Township.  James Fowler named the new territory after his home, Westfield, Massachusetts.

Westfield Center, located in southern Medina County, was established in 1826.  The Village was laid out as a typical New England settlement with a central four  acre green.  The Village Hall, facing the commons, was built two  years later and was soon joined by two  churches, a general store and an inn.  The Post Office came in 1836 and the Village somehow became known as LeRoy.  The name issue was resolved in 1971 when the Village was once again named Westfield Center.

A new Village Hall, housing the municipal government offices, the Police Department and the Post Office, was dedicated in 2001.

No historical sketch, however brief, can ignore the impact of the Westfield Group.  The presence of “The Company” put the tiny Village “on the map”.  Chartered by the Ohio legislature in 1848, the Ohio Farmers’ Insurance was founded by local farmers.  In 1971, in conjunction with the Village name change, the Ohio Farmers’ Insurance became the Westfield Companies.  Originally critics said the business could not succeed.  The Company has now been in business for more than 160 years and contributes to the financial stability of the Village.  The Westfield Group is a recognized good citizen of the community.


Medina County Board Of Elections

New Trash Hauler

C. Martin Trucking will be the new trash hauler for the Village of Westfield Center.    You will be receiving a post card with instructions on how to sign up for trash service.  C. Martin will supply the trash receptacles.  There are two on display at the Village Hall. C. Martin is located at 5604 Lafayette …

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New No-Parking Signs

There is no parking permitted around the circle  Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and the parking in front of the bank is limited to 30 minutes.

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Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

Residents: The purpose of this post is to pass along information regarding the Westfield Center Sanitary Sewer Lining project. The project was scheduled to be completed in November, but has run into December.  Lawns that will be disturbed will be re-seeded in the spring. PROJECT OVERVIEW The Scope of Work for the Westfield Center Sanitary …

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